Industrial instrumentation and signal processing techniques involve measurement and post processing of signals acquired from machinery using sensors. Aim of this course is to provide the participants an insight into various aspects of the applications of sensors and instrumentation in health assessment of electrical motors, rotating machinery and I.C. Engines etc. Further, remote access of data acquisition in manufacturing process and its real time control through hands on experience using virtual instrumentation is also focused in this short term course. This course provides a forum for faculty, research scholars, and maintenance managers in industry and R&D experts to formulate the long term research goals in the area of instrumentation techniques which are used in academic institutes / industry / research laboratory to enhance the knowledge.


  • Introduction to measurement techniques on various industrial applications
  • Material deposition process in industrial applications
  • Measurement and analysis of process parameters in machining
  • Advanced measurement techniques using sensors (Real time applications)
  • LabVIEW programming and its applications for processing of machinery signals - Practical session
  • Signal processing techniques using MATLAB – Practical session
  • Remote Access and Real Time (RART) Condition Monitoring Process-Practical Session